Who We Are?

About 3Wonders Expeditions!

3Wonders Expeditions & Safaris is a locally owned limited tour company fully registered by the Tanzania Tourism Lincesing Agency, established in 2016, and dedicated to offering our clients exceptional wildlife safaris, from group-joining tours and safaris to private luxury safaris offering you an up-close and personal encounter with Africa’s iconic animals. Picture yourself in the Serengeti, witnessing the majestic migration of wildebeests, or venture into the Ngorongoro Crater, a unique ecosystem teeming with diverse wildlife. Our team of experienced guides and naturalists is committed to ensuring that you witness the extraordinary beauty of Africa’s wildlife.

Our Mission

At 3Wonders Expeditions & Safaris, our mission is to provide our valued guests with extraordinary experiences that ignite a deep appreciation for Africa’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. We strive to create unforgettable journeys that foster a sense of wonder, adventure, and connection with the world around us.

African Safari

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of exceptional safaris and expeditions, delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction and fostering a deep respect for the natural environment and local communities. We aim to inspire a love for nature and promote responsible tourism practices that contribute to the preservation of Africa’s wildlife and ecosystems.

Our Core Values